We’ve made it through the first term of the 2019 school year – looking back the weeks have flown by, but not without some valuable learning. I’d like to reflect on what I have taken away from last term before we jump into term 2, so here goes! 

Children need to be heard, to feel like they are able to share their thoughts, feelings and ideas. To feel like they are important and valued, no matter what the topic of discussion is.

To listen – sounds simple, right? However, with so much to balance, responses like “oh, yeah” just roll off the tongue. I encourage you to really listen to what your child has to say. How?

o   Body language and tone is just as important as what you are saying. Make sure you face your child and make eye contact and appropriate facial expressions.

Here’s why…

o   Children need to be taught before they can ‘do’ – if you model how you’d like you child to speak and behave they’ll have an example to follow.

o   Active listening will help you to respond to positive AND negative emotions – anger, embarrassment, sadness and fear, in a sensitive way.

o   Improves your relationship and bond with your child

Children are much more receptive to instructions when they are phrased positively and include the desired behaviour, for example…

o   “Remember, we walk nicely along this path” instead of “stop running!”

Screen Shot 2019-04-28 at 11.39.33 am.png

 As we jump into Term 2, make some time to really listen– you never know what they might come out with!