So, you’ve received a letter inviting your child to participate in a Kindergarten Speech Pathology screening. At Subi Speech we offer Speech Pathology screenings for Kindergarten aged children – keep on reading to find out it involves!

What is a screening?

A screening is a short assessment that evaluates a range of developmental areas. This is arranged with Primary Schools, and will include the assessment of a child’s…


Prior to the screening

A short presentation at the Kindergarten information evening can be provided. This is where the speech pathologist can be introduced to the parents, the screening process can be explained and consent forms handed out.


The screening session

The screening sessions will be 20 to 30 minutes long.
The Screen of Communication Skills (SOCS) will be used. It assesses: speech, language (semantics, comprehension, grammar and narrative) and phonological awareness. This assessment enables the comparison of children’s scores to norms, based on the score of children within the same age group, in Western Australia.

 Sharing of assessment results

Parents and teachers of children that have been identified to have speech and/or language delays will be provided with…

  • A report that includes: a description of the assessment tasks, the child’s results in comparison to age norms, a summary of areas that are developing well and those that need support and recommendations for therapy and for speech and/or language facilitation at home.
  • A following up meeting with the speech pathologist to discuss screening results and speech intervention.

Parents and teachers of students that do not present with speech and/or language delays with be provided with:

  • A brief overview of the areas that were assessed, and the child’s abilities (below, within or above normal limits).

Teachers will be provided with:

  • A spreadsheet that lists all the scores of the children in their class.

 Speech Pathology Assessment and Intervention

  • If a child has been identified to have speech and/or language delays an in-depth assessment or therapy may be recommended.
  • Individual speech therapy sessions in 5-week blocks are offered. These can be held at the school.